Falling back in love with London

It’s been a hot minute since there’s been something new up on the blog. And well, it’s because there’s been a lot going on. With moving house in April, starting a new job in July, and some amazing travel between…

5 Must-Have Apps for Londoners 

“‘There’s always something happening’ may be a cliche, but it’s the reality of calling this city home”.

Spring in London + a Thought

“It’s easy to idealize a city or place which is so often romanticised in films and books, like the winding cobbled back streets of Rome”.

Veneta, St. James's Market

“In a place that makes you feel so wholly underwater, inspired by the most famous city on the sea, we hastened to order from the raw menu”.

For the Love of Gin

“If you hadn’t noticed, there’s a new comeback kid in bars these days. Gin has had a style overhaul”.

BBQ Brunch at Hotbox

“Hotbox is just one of the many street food vendors who are taking the big step of settling down in permanent premises. Before setting up house in the heart of Spitalfields, the barbecue connoisseurs led a smoking path around London with pop-ups all over the city”.

The Handmade Fair, Hampton Court

It’s no secret that I love poring over house decor and so spend inappropriate amounts of time on Pinterest doing exactly that. A couple of weeks ago, I visited The Handmade Fair, it’s on at Hampton Court every year and…

The Parent Trap: Moving Home!

One week from now, I will be moving back to London, a place I had always called home until around this time 4 years ago.