Homesickness Doesn't Mean You're Not Happy

I remember very clearly the first time I understood how it felt to be homesick. I was sitting on my little single bed, in a rather empty, large and lofty room, in my new flat in Verona.

The Parent Trap: Moving Home!

One week from now, I will be moving back to London, a place I had always called home until around this time 4 years ago.

Wanderlisting: 4 Dreamy Summer Airbnbs

Summer is almost over *despairs*. In these last few days of August and the beginnings of a warm September, we’ve still got just enough time to book a last-minute escape and say “ARRIVEDERCI!” to Autumn and Winter, and reality, for one…

Keeping Fit for Free, in Leeds

Remember January 1st of this year? Maybe you do because you had a horrific hangover or maybe you don’t because you were still riding on the good vibes leftover from New Years Eve. But January 2nd?

How to have a productive Sunday

  Cannes: Sunday is for snoozing. That is what I always used to say. And I still do stand by that, because sometimes, after a hectically full week, there is nothing that can set me up for Monday and the…

The (Wet) Road to Lago Blu

Last Sunday we decided to head for Lago Blu, an alpine lake in Breuil-Cervinia, Valle d’Aosta. I’ve never had much opportunity to experience hiking before this Summer, and I’m really basking in all of these mountain walks I’m going on.

Mergozzo + Maggiore

Exactly 10 months to the day after I moved out of my apartment and departed for the final time from Verona, I flew back to Italy. The first full day I spent back here, I was reminded of why I keep…

Walking on Ice, Täby, Sweden

On a rainy January afternoon, I must have been feeling stir-crazy, because when my dad phoned me saying he was heading to Sweden for a few days and wanted some company, my flights were being booked as we hung up.

The Willy Wonkas of Soap

The Yorkshire Soap Company is a dreamy, local soap store that I first came across when I moved back to Leeds last September. Believe me when I say, it is dreamy. It is Yorkshire’s answer to an obviously serious need…