The Best Breakfast in Firenze

“Our selection: two fruit tarts, one with kiwi and strawberry and the other with mandarin slices. A glazed brioche, syrupy and sticky, topped with cream and raspberries”.


Forgive me, for I have ginned

“There is just no questioning it, gin is the it drink of the moment. The classic G&T has been shaken and stirred into so many new forms that some might find it hard to keep up.”


Electro Feels, Brunch at Gaucho

“There’s a DJ in the corner. He wears a tropical shirt and sunglasses, even though we’re inside and the walls are painted black”.


The Elgin, Notting Hill

“Exposed brickwork, dark hues on the walls, handsome mirrors and stain-glassed windows – as soon as you walk in it’s an immediately creative scene”.


7 Misconceptions about University Life

“I graduated a year ago and there are still times when I feel as clueless as I did that first morning waking up alone”.


Pitcher & Piano, Richmond

“Richmond is a step away from the centrality of Clapham and surrounding areas, separated by the expanse of Richmond Park and of course, the slow-moving vistas of the River Thames”.

How to Cope with Aviophobia

“The excitement of choosing bikinis or new skis, of booking a beautiful hotel, and planning your itinerary – the ‘pre-travel jitters’ take on a whole new meaning when you can’t step on the plane”.

The Joy of Eating in Sri Lanka

“One of the greatest joys on this earth is eating. Trying something new. Trying something you’ve had a hundred times before. Tasting something so recognisable twisted into an unfamiliar flavour”. 

The Old Brewery, Greenwich

“I don’t know what it is about cauliflower puree with scallops but when I see it on the menu I always order it”.