Spring in London + a Thought

“It’s easy to idealize a city or place which is so often romanticised in films and books, like the winding cobbled back streets of Rome”.

The Fresher Edit: University Essentials

September is here in full force, and with September, arrives the need for new stationary. This is the first in around 18 years I am not doing the back-to-school routine, but I’m still buying stationary (whoops).

The Parent Trap: Moving Home!

One week from now, I will be moving back to London, a place I had always called home until around this time 4 years ago.

How to have a productive Sunday

  Cannes: Sunday is for snoozing. That is what I always used to say. And I still do stand by that, because sometimes, after a hectically full week, there is nothing that can set me up for Monday and the…

Mergozzo + Maggiore

Exactly 10 months to the day after I moved out of my apartment and departed for the final time from Verona, I flew back to Italy. The first full day I spent back here, I was reminded of why I keep…

The Willy Wonkas of Soap

The Yorkshire Soap Company is a dreamy, local soap store that I first came across when I moved back to Leeds last September. Believe me when I say, it is dreamy. It is Yorkshire’s answer to an obviously serious need…