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The Tourist's Guide to Dublin

I feel like it’s sometimes looked down on when people travel to someplace new, and they do all the cliche, touristy stuff. Going off the beaten track is always a good idea, as it’s great trying to find someplace untouched…


August in Positano

We rounded off our Italian experience last August with a trip to Positano. These few days saw us lounging on a (borrowed) yacht while taking in the picture-perfect views  of the Amalfi coast.


24 Hours in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is one of my favourite Italian coastlines. The picturesque, old-style fishing villages situated on the Italian Riviera are definitely a must-see on any trip to Italy.


First Time Boarders!

Ski season is here again so we want to share our snowboarding experience with you on the new blog. This time last year we were both living in Verona, tanning ourselves by Lake Garda in February(!), with very little responsibility. We…


International Cuisine in Verona

It is a universally accepted fact that the Italians know how to do a few things with inimitable beauty; clothes, fast cars, wine and food. So for whatever reason you find yourself in Verona, you can rest assured that you…


Welcoming 2016

New Years Eve can be so overhyped, can’t it? I’ve found that in the years I’ve been able to go out, I’ve never really had ‘the perfect night’ on NYE, which, for some reason, we all think is going to…