Falling back in love with London

It’s been a hot minute since there’s been something new up on the blog. And well, it’s because there’s been a lot going on.

With moving house in April, starting a new job in July, and some amazing travel between the two, life has been more than a little hectic. The whirlwind is settling now. But the past few months have been odd, because along with the excitement of my new job and big life changes, life has felt weirdly stagnant.

Feeling exhausted at the end of each working day, mainly due to an overwhelming amount of information to learn, I was heading straight home after work. Or maybe, when a bolt of inspiration hit, to the gym.

I was passing out not long after entering the front door each day, and yet, still waking up at all hours. Sometimes 1am. Sometimes 5am. If I was lucky, 7am.

And just as everything has started to make sense at work, I’m beginning to feel like I’ve got my swing back. Being recognised at work, being trusted with huge responsibilities just six weeks in, and receiving some great feedback and news, has completely changed my outlook.

Productive meetings, really being on the same level as some of the people in the office, loving my clients – it’s simple proof that if you love your job, it doesn’t feel like work and instead, is rewarding to your life. My work-life balance is good now, mainly because my work contributes so much to my happiness. I am content from 9am until 6pm, and the rest is coming a little easier.

With this feeling that I’ve got my day-job under control, the rest is falling into place. I’m no longer feeling like I have no time to enjoy London. I’m not shuttling from home to work and back home again.

Today I was meant to go to the gym after work. Instead, I pegged it to Piccadilly from Victoria to get to the Pickett store before they closed. In an unexpected turn of events, today I found myself being wined and dined, though in the very nature of PR it tends to be us doing the wining and dining.

I was given a press release by one of the commercial teams from a household magazine, sealed inside an airmail envelope, which I thought was a nice touch considering we are discussing their travel supplement. Instead of a straight forward press release though, inside there was a beautiful leather passport cover from Pickett, and a press release in the form of a boarding card. For a fleeting second I thought, “this must be what it feels like to be an Instagrammer” before realising that personalisation had already been paid for and I could have the cover tailored to my wishes.

Gym long forgotten, I walked to Piccadilly, dropped into the store and left the cover to be worked on. From Burlington Gardens I walked along to Regent Street, and decided to go home via Piccadilly Circus. When I reached the station there was a group of friends dancing, their amp blasting techno mixes and classic R&B music. I stood and watched for about 20 minutes, where I normally might walk straight past.

I decided to forego the one stop from Piccadilly to Leicester Square to get on the Northern Line and walked instead, stopping along the way to take in the chalk art people had been working on all day on the pavements.

In Leicester Square I popped into a tea shop, where I can’t afford the teas, just to look at a teapot and some tea bowls.

I got on the tube, and didn’t put my headphones in. I read 10 pages of my book.

It wasn’t the evening I expected, I think it was probably better. Going to the gym is important, if that’s what you like to do. But so is indulging in the other things you like to do. If there’s a street performer and your attention is grabbed by them, don’t consider it banal. Watch. Indulge. Take it all in.

‘Home’ is one of the most magical places we have in this world, yet most of us are permanently itching to escape.

I read something recently that said something along the lines of;

When you read, devote 100% of your attention to the pages of your book. When you make a cup of tea, sit and enjoy that cup of tea.

And it sprung to mind today, walking through Leicester Square and sitting on the tube without headphones in. We convince ourselves that shutting the outside noise out helps us to relax, and I’m sure it does to an extent, but today I didn’t feel isolated. I felt a part of the noise and the movement. And it felt pretty good.

Chloe x

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