Day Trippin’ in Sweden

When you think of Sweden, what comes to mind?

Well-designed flat-pack furniture, epic meatballs and gravy, the Mamma Mia! soundtrack. I hear you.

As an added bonus, there’s the rich history, the dramatic landscapes throughout all seasons, and the vivid culinary scene. That’s what pulls 1 million British people to Sweden each year for their holidays.

It’s no secret that I love Stockholm; I have family there who we visit every year. There’s a lot about the society and culture that I love.

But the problem when you visit family abroad, is that you normally only spend time with them, not venturing far from their house. So after years of travelling to Sweden, it’s about time we visit somewhere outside of Stockholm. I’m gearing up for this year and rounding up the best day trips from Stockholm.

Here are 4 of the best places to visit, just a short trip from the capital…



Stockholm is famed for the bustling city life, set against the tranquil backdrop of Lake Malren. Unlike anything we have here at home, Stockholm is spread across 14 islands which are best explored by boat, and visitors can spend the day exploring the varied neighbourhoods, which each have their own distinctive culture.

Gothenburg is Sweden’s culinary capital and any seafood lover’s dream.

The daily supply of fresh seafood from the North Sea has turned the city into seafood central – with some of the best lobster, crayfish and other shellfish in the world. Two words: Lobster safari. Did you even know there was such a thing?

How to get there from Stockholm…

Go from the buzz of Stockholm straight into the heart of Gothenburg in just over 3 hours by train (around £30), or catch a 1 hour flight (from £50).



Malmö is making culinary waves, and swiftly catching up to Gothenburg. The food scene is a melting pot of traditional Swedish cuisine with international flavours.

The town boasts three Michelin starred restaurants.

How to get there from Stockholm…

For the time-rich, travel by bus. It’s an 8 hour bus ride, but the ticket won’t cost much more than £10. By train it’s 4.5 hours (£63) or board a plane for just 1 hour (£40).



In winter and summer alike, Sweden’s countryside shouldn’t be missed. Lund, in the Skåne Province, is known as being a patchwork of farmland, forests and lakes, perfect for hiking through the warmer months.

Found at the southern tip of Sweden, this is a charmingly cobble-stoned old town.

The city of Lund itself is awash with history, pretty colourful terraced buildings, and at the very heart, is the centuries old Lund Cathedral.

How to get there from Stockholm… 

Fly! A flight takes just an hour, and tickets start from £40. If you’re spoilt for time, the bus takes almost 8 hours (from £16) and the train journeys start from £62.



As one of Sweden’s oldest cities, Nyköping is an undiscovered gem for international visitors. The city is known for the 16th Century architecture and ruins from past times gone by.

‘Nyköping’ literally translates as Newmarket in English. 

The city is the ideal base for cycling holidays, as it is situated within 10km of some beautiful rural towns like Sjösa, Bergshammar, Svalsta and Enstaberga.

How to get there from Stockholm…

Train would be the best way. The journey is an easy 1 hour ride, and tickets start from £14.

To get all of your trains, planes and buses booked up in Sweden, try GoEuro (

What’s your favourite Swedish city?

Tweet me your favourites and recommendations! @wanderwomanco

Love, C x

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