Wanderlisting: 3 Autumn City Breaks

A couple of months ago I wrote what I called a ‘wanderlist’, as summer was coming to an end and I was desperate (obviously) to make it last just a little bit longer.
With the ending of one season and the start of a new one, nothing changes here. So I’m still scrolling through Instagram and screenshotting all of my future destinations.
I thought I’d share some of my recent saves with you, just in case you are looking for a quick trip this autumn, you lucky thing.
Autumn is one of the best times of the year to escape on a city break; in most places the winter cold hasn’t fully set in yet, and you’re just in time to pick up some Christmas presents for family and friends from a new destination.

1. Boston, Massachusetts

This place has been on my wishlist for a long time ever since my dad got an upgrade in a hotel because we share our surname with the city. Just thinking of the perks.
But the main attraction is specifically Boston during the fall season. The famous snap I’m sure we can all imagine; the streets of red brick houses, framed by the seemingly endless queues of tall, leafy trees.
And it’s when those leaves turn from green, through yellows and oranges, trying to match the colour of their neighbouring houses, that Boston seems to be very much at peace with herself. It’s like all is right in the city, when the leaves are just as red as the bricks.

@brianmcw on Instagram

 2. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Instagram-famous perhaps for idyllic scenes of Lake Bled, Slovenia seems to be an all-year-round destination. But for that fall city weekend, I’d try Europe’s Green Capital, Ljubljana, just in time to see it transform from foresty greens into tones of fiery orange and gold.
During autumn, wine is on the collective Slovenian mind. St Martin’s Day, a celebration of the tipple, and the Slovenian Wine and Culinary Festival both take place in November.
A brisk hike up to Ljubljana Castle helps you justify all those glasses of wine, while you take in views of the city from above.

@zuykovann on Instagram          @sashas8 on Instagram              @mkozan595 on Instagram

3. Bath, England

This is unlike me, favouring a stay-cation over somewhere completely new.
But after Brexit, and travel in Europe becoming more and more pricey for us, finding some spots here at home doesn’t seem a bad idea…
My family visited Bath whilst I was au pairing and didn’t stop talking about it for a while (#fomo), so it’s coming up on my list.
Only 2 hours outside of London and you’ll find me at the steamy Roman Baths after a frosty day wandering round back streets and finding the prettiest buildings.

@mickyates               @bathphototour                      @alixelay                    @matthewpriceartist
So much of my everyday wanderlust is inspired by what I see on Instagram, and can you blame me when these shots are just a small snapshot of the kind of quality photography you can find on there?
Where are you heading this autumn?
Love, Chloe xx

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  1. November 22, 2016 / 11:23 am

    Love that you’ve got Slovenia on here. It’s my home country and I went to uni in Ljubljana 😊 I may be a bit biased, but it’s a lovely and not too expensive country to visit and all my UK friends who’ve been tell me I’m nuts for having moved to London 😂
    Maya xx

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