14 things: Fresher's Edition

Just started your first year at university? Obviously you’re super busy with all the deadlines and Otley Runs (big up Leeds uni) late night library sessions, so this is 14 short and sweet nuggets of advice to make the most of your first few months at uni. 

  1. Keep your bedroom door open.
  2. Be ready to share any nice food you buy (keep an eye on the cocopops)
  3. Make a budget. Whether or not you stick to it is another story…
  4. Use that gym membership! Sometimes halls include a gym membership, you’re gonna want to use it between the late nights out at the library and those 4AM cheesy chips.
  5. Buy colour catchers! Despite all your colour-separating efforts, one black sock will slink into your whites, and turn all your pretty cream underwear a delicious shade of murky English-Sea grey (true story).
  6. You don’t have to attend every single fresher’s event. If you do, you will catch fresher’s flu. If you manage to avoid fresher’s flu, you are essentially superhuman, don’t take this for granted.
  7. Don’t sign up to the ‘university recommended’ medical service just because it’s promoted by the uni. I lived a 30 minute walk from uni and it made no sense for me to be walking 35 minutes in one direction for a doctor’s appointment, whilst ill. Sign up somewhere local, if it happens to be uni recommended, even better.
  8. Try not to shop when you’re hungry. You will make baffling choices. However do shop at the times your supermarket starts reducing prices. My local supermarket reduced at around 8-9PM, so a late evening shop always proved to be super cheap and surprising in what I could buy.
  9. Phone home!
  10. Don’t jump straight in the deep end and buy your entire reading list on your first day, from the university bookshop. Go on Facebook, find your subject society group and there will be hungry and broke second years trying to sell their old sets of books/organs for anywhere between £20 and £30 (in my experience).
  11. Bring all fancy dress items you own. Question nothing.
  12. It’s famously said you’ll meet your friends for life at uni. However it’s important to remember that you’ll also meet a lot of other people, who might not end up being those life-long friends, but still play a huge role during your time at university. Don’t close doors too early with those who don’t seem to be your cup of tea, you will learn more than you could imagine by letting those people in too.
  13. And you will eventually find yourself surrounded by people who really you can imagine being friends with for a long time. Remember that it doesn’t happen immediately! So don’t worry if at the end of your first term you’re not feeling the BFF love. You’ve got a solid few more years to go.
  14. Write. Maybe writing isn’t your thing and that’s okay, but if it is, I couldn’t recommend journalling through your time at uni more. I didn’t personally do it for the whole time and regret it so much. It’s a period of time in your life that is like no other – you almost exist in your own society at university – and would be so good to have your feelings and memories to look back on. I’d recommend something like this if you’re not a big writer, but want to have a stab at it.

As we draw into October and the leaves are fading to orange, I imagine all the new university students settling into their new beginnings across the country. But if you haven’t read my first university post about v important uni essentials, you can read that HERE
Did you start university this year? Which uni did you go to? What are your uni essentials?
Love, Chloe xx

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