The Fresher Edit: University Essentials

September is here in full force, and with September, arrives the need for new stationary. This is the first in around 18 years I am not doing the back-to-school routine, but I’m still buying stationary (whoops).
My uni days are over (for now…) and those 4 years were like I had freshers, I blinked and then graduated. You may be there to learn, but alongside the endless coursework and equally endless all-nighters, there’s a considerable amount of life-learning you’ll do as well.
So you want to make the most of that time, and though this may be a list of material things, they will inflate your time at uni, so you can use it in exactly the way you want.
Happy freshers!
1: Important documents box. Somewhere to keep your passport, registration and student finance documents, and anything else important.
2: A doorstop. Literally all you need to say ‘I want to make friends’ by keeping your door open/expressing your love for marine animals with this one.
3: Activewear. All day sitting in lectures, boozy nights out and pizzas in the early hours mean one thing: you’ve got to stay active.
4: Agenda/diary. It may be first year but you’ll still have deadlines, keep everything jotted down in an agenda.
5. Headphones. These will be your saviour not only in the library and walking into uni, but also when your flatmates get back and start throwing chicken nuggets round the kitchen the night before your exam… (true story).
6. Huge water bottle. Hydration, hydration, hydration.
7: Room decor. * Make your space your own and avoid bland walls and homesickness. *
8. Mattress topper. This will save you when you don’t want to turn the heating on (#studentpriorities) and for avoiding naaaasty used mattresses that have seen the bare bums of you don’t want to know how many students.
Let me know how you’re preparing for your first year at university on twitter @wanderwomanco!
Love, Chloe xx
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