August in Positano

We rounded off our Italian experience last August with a trip to Positano. These few days saw us lounging on a (borrowed) yacht while taking in the picture-perfect views  of the Amalfi coast. Arguably one of Europe’s most famous coastlines, the Amalfi is positioned on Italy’s east coast, hugging the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
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After making our way down (what felt like) thousands of steps to the beach with our breakfast, we were gifted with the breathtaking view of these coloured houses perched on the cliff side.
We enjoyed our brioches on the beach and soaked up the morning sun. It seems like it’s always the right time to eat in Italy, as before we knew it, it was lunchtime. We headed to a lovely little restaurant located in the town which looked out over the beach.
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As much as we like to eat (and we do), the real fun began when lunch ended. Our next spot was the tiny port next to the beach, where we boarded a little motor boat which accompanied us to a small yacht with a fridge full of food (see, always time for food).
We spent the rest of the afternoon drinking up the sun along with our cocktails, reveling at the landscape of Positano from the sea. Our crew managed to find some great spots for us to take a swim as well as touring the coast, showing us the different towns and some hidden caves along the rugged edge of the shore.
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My big tip for visiting Positano is to make the most of your day, get up early and get going if you want to enjoy the beauty of this town without a sea of tourists (especially during the summer months). This way, you also get to enjoy the Amalfi Coast from morning through to the golden hour, to nightfall.
If you are travelling to Positano from Naples, it does take a little bit of research and time-management. We opted for a train to Sorrento (The Circumvesuviana) which you can take from Napoli Centrale and then a bus from Sorrento train station directly to Positano.
Have you got any plans to see the Amalfi Coast in 2016? Where would you most like to see? Have you ever been to Capri?
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