First Time Boarders!

Ski season is here again so we want to share our snowboarding experience with you on the new blog. This time last year we were both living in Verona, tanning ourselves by Lake Garda in February(!), with very little responsibility. We became snowboarders. Fast-forward a year and one of us is slugging through final year of uni whilst the other is responsible for two kids as an au pair. Reminisce with us.
So a couple of weeks after our exams finished, we were going to be going snowboarding for the first time in Trentino. After an early start, two trains and a stomach-turning drive up the windy mountain roads, we arrived and slipped into our thermals pronto. It was the first time snowboarding for both of us – we needed as much time as we could get on the slopes.
Snowboarding was so difficult to begin with. We spent a considerable amount of time on a horizontal slope, trying to stay upright but still ending up on our bums. Alessio, our slick instructor, just laughed as we struggled not only to stay on our feet, but also to get back up on them once we’d hit the ground. Going down is the easy part.
Through the day we progressed onto the baby slope, and ended the day nervously coming down our first blue. Toddlers may have looked better than us, but we managed to get one run in where neither of us fell!

This view was worth the bumps, bruises, sore bums and the salopettes that didn’t make it through the day.
We danced our bruises away (not really, that’s not a thing) that evening in a cosy, two-tier osteria called Carador, only a 10 minute walk from our hotel. It hosts an in-house chef and stone-oven, so we happily walked home eating our feelings freshly baked pizza as we limped our sorry-bruised-selves back to the hotel.
Disclaimer: the day was not survived by all. RIP to the salopettes.
Have you been on a ski/snowboarding trip? Which do you prefer? Where have you done winter sports before? Have you skied in Italy?

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