International Cuisine in Verona

It is a universally accepted fact that the Italians know how to do a few things with inimitable beauty; clothes, fast cars, wine and food. So for whatever reason you find yourself in Verona, you can rest assured that you will find somewhere amazing to eat. There is a trattoria on almost every corner, where you can taste some typical Veronese cuisine – a particular favourite of ours is pastissada di cavallo.
However! We know it seems hard to imagine, but there were plenty of times when the last thing we wanted was a pizza or a huge slice of lasagne. Sometimes a girl just wants some roast veggies and gravy. Or a curry.
So, over the time we lived there we sourced out some great places that hit the international spot when you’re just not on that pizza vibe.



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A favourite haunt of ours personally, Oblo is a top-notch burger house that sits right between Piazza Erbe and Piazza Bra, very central in Verona. Generally there’s no need to book a table with lots of seating outdoors as well as upstairs.

Each and every burger we tried was literally perfection. Their new menu is on the way according to their instagram, and we wish we could be there to sample every single thing on it.
Our faves

  • if you’re missing the simple tastes of England, they do a classic ham & cheese toastie (hopefully this is still on the new menu!)
  • try the coleslaw as an alternative side to wedges or fries. Or like us, have both.
  • ‘Amarone’: brandy snap on top of the burger, but made with Veronese wine Amarone rather than brandy
  • ‘Classico Fiume’: for a standard burger but topped with bacon jam (WE KNOW)
If you’re looking for a melt-in-your-mouth combo from your burger and beer, you can stop fretting about choosing the wrong drink. Oblo have already matched up the best beer for your burger, easy peasy.


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Mexicali is the place for you if you need a hit of Mexican food. The broad menu offers Mexican classics which, alongside a fruity margherita, make for the perfect dinner and drinks combo.
With such good cocktails, we’re all waiting for happy hour, which is every day, 6-8.30pm. Every drink is 6, and there’s a happy hour buffet (all the guacamole and salsa, chilli con carne, mini quesadillas etc.) you can dig into at the same time.

Our faves

  • fajitas – if you’re ordering from the menu
  • chocolate martini if you need waking up!


‘Sex in the City’ is Mexicali’s take on the classic sex on the beach – if you like passionfruit, you’ll like this.

Lucky Indian Doner Kebab

We know what you’re thinking… the name is a little sketchy…
Plus we have no photos.
But if you don’t want to eat out, maybe you’re more of a permanent resident, this is a takeaway we can honestly recommend. We can’t speak for the kebabs, but their curry is saucy, creamy, and so flavourful. This place is legit. Trust us, the curries really are good.
Though the prices have gone up a little since we first started ordering from them, they are still reasonable. For under €10 you can get yourself a healthy-sized portion of chicken (or lamb/beef/prawn) curry.
Our faves

  • Chicken Murg Masala
  • Chicken Madras
  • Order the samosas! Full to the brim with veggies

If you do take our advice and become a regular customer, you might find yourself treated to the occasional extra beer or samosa – we did!. The management recognise good custom and treat you well for it.


We still on that Indian vibe.

If your night is feeling a little classier than a takeaway, we understand. But you should still get a curry down you at Maharajah. This place is family run, and dressed up to the nines. Beautiful hand-sewn table covers, embellished bottle holders, it’s a beautiful place.

Our faves

  • Palak Pakora to start
  • Peshawari Naan and Saffron Rice for sides
  • Murg Makhan Wala or Murg Shahi Korma
  • Jira Aloo for vegetarians!

The family are all present, with all generations involved – which is so nice to see. What’s special about Maharajah isn’t just the quality of the food but the dining experience, with embellished serviettes and copper/tin serving dishes.
Wherever you decide to eat or to take the family, buon appetito!
Have you sampled any typical Veronese cuisine? Or found another great restaurant in the city? Let us know!
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