Welcoming 2016

New Years Eve can be so overhyped, can’t it? I’ve found that in the years I’ve been able to go out, I’ve never really had ‘the perfect night’ on NYE, which, for some reason, we all think is going to happen.
There are so many expectations on new years; spending time with people you love, getting appropriately boozy, the countdown and the hugely anticipated midnight kiss, which will more than likely be with your best (and equally single) girlfriend, or spent awkwardly standing by yourself, taking a strategically timed sip of your drink.
But I’m not one of those people who is unmoved by New Years either. I like the idea of welcoming the new year with a smile, having a good time with the people you want to surround yourself with, and I believe in setting the year off with the energy you want to see in your life for the next 12 months. So I get into the spirit of things, and this year, decided to head to Dublin with my boyfriend.
It was the perfect time to jet away somewhere new after what felt like a very long semester at uni for me, and before what is going to be a very long year for him as he starts his Masters. Plus we could look forward to meeting up with some friends who we hadn’t seen in faaar too long.
We rung in the new year in a bar in Dublin. We danced. Talked about the future. Ordered fancy drinks. Laughed. And danced some more. It was the best new years I’ve had in a few years, because I was saying goodbye to 2015 knowing I had achieved the things I wanted to. I had wanted to travel more through the year, I had set out to work very hard through my final year of uni, and I had wanted to make effort with relationships and friendships.
I felt happier than I did at the start of 2015, and if you feel that as you’re counting down to midnight, then you will look back on how you welcomed the new year without disappointment.
Disappointment is like the illegitimate child of expectation. And expectation is like cake – a few slices are good, but anymore than that is a bad idea. (I’m obviously joking. Nobody ever regretted eating the whole cake.)
I suppose what I’m trying to say, a month into 2016, is that you can decide how your night goes, just the same as you decide how your year goes. For me personally, shutting the metaphorical door on each year as it ends is important. It closes one of the many chapters of your life, ties up all the loose ends reallly neatly into one big book labelled ‘2015’. It’s done. You can reflect and set new goals for yourself. Even if 2015 was your best year yet, you can’t have a do-over. It doesn’t work that way (we checked).
And this welcoming of the new year, if it doesn’t happen on New Years because you were too busy sipping your strawberry woowoo, or having a cigarette and missing the countdown, or texting the person you wished you could be with at that moment, it isn’t the last chance you’ll get.
Every day of the year, you can decide what kind of 2016 day it is. Today is January 24th, and it felt like the day I wanted to say something about New Years Eve. It’s not the night itself, or New Years Day. It’s not even remotely coming up to NYE. But I wanted to talk about it, and it really shouldn’t matter what date it is. (FYI; if you wanna talk about Christmas in say, September, we’re down for that too).
So dance, talk about the future ahead of you, order some damn fancy drinks and laugh, Monday to Sunday.
Welcome to our new blog, from two wanderwomen to another.
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